Firefighters and First Responders in Multifamily

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Any other firefighters and first responders out there in real estate investment?? I work for Los Angeles County Fire Department as a firefighter/paramedic in the West Hollywood area.? Currently invested in over 700 units of multifamily and always looking to connect with fellow first responders.

I’m a former first responder, 14 years in various roles. ?Some as a police officer, some as a 911 dispatcher, some as a firefighter/EMT (FF-I, FF-II, then driver-operator on engine company and truck). ?Even did a part-time stint with AMR on a BLS ambulance (I guess I get bored easily,?LOL). ?Fun times!

Then I decided to turn my side-gig of real estate investing into my full-time focus. ?That was almost 20 years ago and while I really loved my former vocation, I’ve never looked back. ?Since that time I’ve raised way over $100 million from investors and bought over a half a billion dollars of real estate. ?Man, it seems like two completely different lives.?

The difference is I worked for a small city (less than 50K people) and you work for a REAL fire department—I grew up watching squad?51 and engine 51?on my tiny four-channel color TV, LOL. ?You see more trauma in a 24 hour shift than I saw in a year. ?

@Hud Floyd I've been in Public Safety since 1997 when I first got my EMT license--Most of my carreer was in EMS, but I've also been a Firefighter and Public Safety Officer. In the last decade or so, I've been more involved in teaching and consulting in the are of traumatic stress/crisis intervention--which I?still do some of. Last year I stepped away from the Fire Department I worked for and have started a Fire Damage Restoration business--an area I?got into by flipping fire-damaged properties.?

Great to hear from you--look forward to connecting.?

Mr. Burke, a pleasure.? I literally just listened to you being interviewed on a podcast.? I was returning home from an investor conference in Dallas last night.? I'm inspired by your story and success. Look forward to the chance of connecting with you in the future.

Hi Jeremy. Thanks for reaching out and thank you for the work you've done in crisis intervention. It's an important area. Just got back last night from a multifamily conference in?Dallas.? We'll definitely connect soon.

Originally posted by @Hud Floyd :

?I literally just listened to you being interviewed on a podcast.? I was returning home from an investor conference in Dallas last night.?

Ha!?? Small world with funny coincidences. ?Glad that the podcast didn’t put you to sleep. ?Stay safe out there. ?:)

Welcome to BP Nation Hud! I am not a fire fighter or first responder but my father in law was a first responder (retired) and 2 cousins are active firefighters here locally, on in Santa Clarita, the other in the San?Fernando Valley. Thank you for your service. That is quite an impressive accomplishment acquiring those units, are they all here locally in CA or abroad?

Stay active on the site and engage the community. There are many great connections you can make here. Folks like @Brian Burke are a perfect example.

As for me, I am a full time developer, investor, and general contractor (I wear lots of hats right now) and I love real estate!

Hello! ?I am a firefighter/paramedic for a city in the salt lake valley. ?I am just getting started in real estate. ?I have one single family home I rent and I am working on getting more. ?I would love to get to where you are one day. ?Thanks for reaching out. ?

@Hud Floyd 10 years first responder here. Got into RE seriously over the last year and purchased my first house hack. Looking to do my next deal as a 4 to 10 unit building. Currently exploring options for financing. Congrats on over 700 units. Very impressive!

Hey Will.? There's a chance I might know your cousin.? Santa Clarita is LACoFD and I was stationed in the area for a year.? I do not have any MF investments here in California.? I focus in more landlord friendly States.? I'm concentrated in the Midwest; Texas, Kansas City metro, and looking in other regions.

Hud Floyd

Hi Brendan.? Great to hear from you.? Welcome to the wonderful world of real estate!

Hi Mark.? Thanks for reaching out. Always great to hear from people pursuing the same ideas.

@Hud Floyd I am currently a FF/EMT in a small rural combination department. I work “paid” on my days off from my offshore oil production job. I still make all the calls as a volunteer on the days I’m not on shift. My son and I began a wholesale company in December and are loving the journey and excited about the future.

Volunteer firefighter/EMT (since 2008) to begin, now career (for the past 8 yrs) at the airports in the Washington DC area. Side note, my?daughter at the age of 16, also volunteered. We took the training together, were we where the first father/daughter volunteer firefighter trainee to complete the program in the county, we live in Virginia. It was a great father/daughter bonding time too.

I?am just getting back into RE and new to investing. Had my RE license (let expire in 2013) prior to accepting an opportunity to travel throughout Canada and the US, performing photometric inspections of runway lights for airport. I am looking at investing in land in the Southwest Virginia area. Trying to make my first investment by late spring 2020.

Be Safe,

C Moore

@Hud Floyd good afternoon!

Firefighter for Orange County Fire authority, currently stationed in Buena Park station 61. I am also new to real estate investing I have one single family home other than my primary residence. I have a long way to go until I am anywhere close to your level of success. I appreciate you reaching out, I would love to hear more about your journey of how you got to where you are today!


Firefighter stark

Hi Mikhail.? I was just in Dallas over the weekend for an investor conference.? One of the strongest markets.? Welcome to Multifamily!

@Hud Floyd

Hi guys. I’m a career firefighter with the Spokane FD in Washington state. I live and invest here although our portfolio is still quite small, closing on a triplex this week which I’m pretty excited about.

I love this job and am pretty excited about investing too. Thanks for leading the way, I’d love to make some connections and continue to learn.

Stay safe out there.

@Hud Floyd I've been a Police Officer for the city of Danville Virginia for over 3 years now. I recently fell in love with Real Estate investing and my wife and I now own a Real Estate investment business, Neighborly Estates LLC. We currently own 3 SFH and are looking to expand tremendously. I have a great respect for ALL first responders and thank each and every one of you for your service!

Hello everyone! I am a FF/EMT volunteer fire and ambulance with the Hiawatha Fire Department in Iowa. I also go out on wildfires as a federal AD hire. I have done a couple deals and currently house hack a 3 Plex. I got my real estate license this year and am looking forward to growing!

It is great to see other people in public service who are also interested in REI and all it has to offer!

Hi Jim.? My partner lives in Shreveport.? Sounds like you're also busy in many different areas of work and business as well!

Hi Carl.? I have associates in Virginia.? Might be able to set up a connection if you've interest.? Sounds like your daughter is an amazing kid, volunteering at 16!

Hi Jenna.? I used to live in Sunset Beach and still have friends in Huntington Beach.? Let's connect soon.

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